100% AdSpy Working Code + How to use AdSpy for Competitor Analysis

Tracking your competitors’ Facebook ads is more important as it not only helps you to check for their updates but also to know what products they are seriously focusing on. Before you could start creating your own Facebook ad campaigns, you should perform competitor analysis to find the best performing ads, your rivals’ working strategies, their ad ranks, and more. Luckily there are Facebook ad spy tools like AdSpy that simplifies your job. Before we see how AdSpy can help you to get the most out of your competitors’ ad campaigns, here is an AdSpy ReviewCheck it out!

AdSpy + AdSpy Working Code

AdSpy is a formidable Facebook and Instagram PPC ads spy tool. It allows you to see what your competitors are up to. This means discovering how they promote their offers, which offers, which markets, and which graphics work. Besides, you will be able to access the largest database of social media ads in the market. You can then filter them and uncover the ads you need to see.

AdSpy has adorable features than any other Facebook ad spy tool. It is also more affordable and costs $149 per month. Fortunately, you are here! You can still save more on your AdSpy subscription by claiming the AdSpy coupon code. Redeem our AdSpy Coupon immediately. Apply code AFF75.

Competitor Analysis using AdSpy

Identifying the competitors on Facebook is the first important trait in performing competitor analysis. AdSpy excels in finding your competitors on Facebook in your specific niche. The next thing AdSpy provides you is the platforms in which your competitors are actively participating.

AdSpy effectively checks the advertisements of your competitors on Facebook. And also shows audience engagement on the ads such as the number of likes, comments, and shares on them. It helps you to capture their strategies to be on top. With AdSpy you are sure to win the game on Facebook. For that, you should get access to AdSpy. Take advantage of our exclusive AdSpy Working Code to enjoy great bargains on AdSpy. Apply code ADSPY75 now.

The following are a few vital points to carry out competitor analysis using AdSpy.

Identify Your Competitors based on Keywords

AdSpy lets you find your competitors’ targeting keywords in your niche. You can start using them in your ad campaigns to see results. AdSpy suggests some relevant keywords according to your products and services. Along with the keywords, it will also show the level of engagement on them. It will display the average number of searches monthly and the number of companies in your competition. Then you will get a list of relevant keywords having the highest number of search volume. Using these keywords will let you compete with your specific competitors, and maybe it will help to narrow down the list as well.

Check for Brands Your Target Audience Follow

The companies that sell products and services of the same niche will definitely have the same target audience on Facebook. So with AdSpy, you can check which are the companies that your set of the audience follow. After this, you can check which strategies of that company attracts the audience. You can adopt the same advertising or marketing strategies to grow your business as well. This will also help you create more traffic on your posts and advertisements than on your competitors. Above all, only AdSpy can help you to do all these. So don’t miss to claim our exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code. It is a 100% AdSpy working code.

Collect Information on Top Ads

Once you have got your search results, you can gather more information on your competitor ads using AdSpy. The tool will help you to analyze

  • Other social media platforms on which your competitors are active
  • Users following their content on Facebook
  • The target audience of your competitors
  • Intervals of posting advertisements or contents on their profile
  • Check engagement on each of their posts
  • Hashtags they have created for their brand

Thus with AdSpy, you can do a lot more to be successful on the Facebook advertising platform. Wish to excel as a Facebook advertiser? Claim our exclusive $75 AdSpy Coupon Code which is available only here! Use code AFFSAVE.